Puppy Application

Please note our policies before filling out our application.

1 - We do not ship puppies by air. Ideally we like to meet applicants in person at our kennel, however we realize that's not always possible. Alternate arrangements can be made for serious clients.

2- We require a referral from your veterinary clinic. If you are a first time puppy buyer and have no vet clinic yet, please let us know the name of the veterinarian in your area that you plan to use, so we can contact them.

3 - Dachshunds require outdoor activity! We will want to know that you either have a fenced in - or if you live in an apartment, that you are able to walk your dog for a sufficient time every day! 

4 - If you're interested in a referral to one of our trusted co-breeders, feel free to CONTACT US