Below is a copy of our standard pet contract. This is what we expect of all the homes we place our dachshunds in. Use the buttons to the right to download and sign the contract, and fill out our pet application. If you have a problem downloading the contract - no worries. There will be hard copies supplied to you if and when you decide to buy a puppy. 




In consideration of each of the parties hereto fulfilling the INITIAL PROVISIONS of this agreement__________________(hereinafter called owner) and Margaret McLean (Hereinafter called breeder) hereby agree to the following terms in reference to the Standard/Miniature (circle one) Long/smooth/wire coated (circle one) Dachshund named_________________(Hereinafter called the Dog/Bitch [circle one])




1.  Breeder has delivered the Dog/Bitch to owner in good health on ________________


2.  Owner and Breeder have agreed on the sum of $__________ for the outright purchase           of Dog/Bitch.           


3.  The Breeder agrees to deliver the AKC Registration form properly executed to transfer ownership of the Dog/Bitch to Owner upon receipt of verifiable proof of sterilization or AKC Registration is filed out with limited registration.


4.  Owner agrees to register the Dog/Bitch with AKC upon receipt of completed AKC Registration Application.




1.  Owner and Breeder mutually agree at the best interest of the Dog/Bitch is paramount and neither will do anything that would be detrimental to the Dog/Bitch.


2.  Breeder has agreed, that should the Owner be unsatisfied with the Dog/ Bitch for any reason, the Dog/Bitch may be returned to Breeder, and this contract will be declared null and void.  Such a decision must be made on or before _______________ there will be no additional cost to Owner other than shipping (airfreight, ext.) if necessary. 


3.  Owner agrees to have the Dog/Bitch examined by a licensed veterinarian within ten days of purchase.  If there are any existing health conditions that the breeder was unaware of at the time of purchase, the Breeder agrees to one of the following.

a.  Pay costs incurred by the Owner for treatment of any diagnosed health condition noted at the time of the initial exam.  This does not include the office visit or any routine health care (such as immunizations, stool checks, etc.) –or-


  b.  Replace the Dog/Bitch with one of the same sex and of equal or better quality from the same litter.  If none is available a Dog/Bitch from a future litter may be substituted –or-


 c.  Return the Owners full purchase price.  The Breeder is not responsible for any shipping costs, health certificates, or any other costs incurred as a result of this transaction.


4.  Owner agrees to provide quality nutrition (a name brand dog food designed for the age and condition of the Dog/Bitch. Grooming (periodic grooming, cleaning teeth and ears, trimming toe nails, etc) and routine medical care (immunizations, parasite control, etc.) for the Dog/Bitch.


5.  In the event of the death of the Dog/Bitch, Owner understands that the Breeder is not required to replace the Dog/Bitch.  Breeder and Owner agree that in event of the death of the Dog/Bitch due to accident or unavoidable illness, contract is null and void, with no further repayment due to the Breeder.


6.  Owner agrees that, should she/he be in such a position that ownership of the Dog/Bitch cannot be retained, the Breeder shall first be contracted, and shall have the right to have the Dog/ Bitch returned to them for placement elsewhere.  Owner further agrees not to place the Dog/Bitch in an animal shelter or dog pound without first contacting the Breeder.




_______________________________                  _______________________________

Margaret McLean                                                                   Owner Signature

32036 Tally Ho Ln

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